Surin Province. Bar in the tropical monsoon. Characteristics of weather and rainfall. Depends on the influence of the monsoon is important. Monsoon is a blow.

       1. Southwestern monsoon. Wind from the Indian Ocean into the South Central Area Northeast. Cause rain. But Surin Province is rainfall from the southwest monsoon is relatively low. Phanom Dong Rak mountain range due to the barrier. Rainfall was largely due to the influence of wind in the South China Sea.

      2. Northeastern monsoon. Blow from Siberia and northern China. Cause cold, and drought generally. Surin province is particularly affected is relatively high.

      3. Seasonality in Surin Province is 3 in each summer season is still not certain period. Based on natural phenomena. And the influence of monsoon is around the core, but by other enough to be summarized as follows.

      During the summer, February or March to May. Sweltering weather. And boiling in the same period, resulting in a generally dry.

      During the rainy season in May or June to October. Rainfall uncertainties some years more some years less subject to influences of monsoon depression in the South China Sea and wind.

      Winter is over in October. Or November. To January. Cold each year, depending on the influence of northeast monsoon. Low air pressure and gutter from China.